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Посол Швеции раскритиковал действия ФСБ при обысках в офисе Oriflame [03 May 2016|03:29pm]

Оригинал взят у oriflamiy в Посол Швеции раскритиковал действия ФСБ при обысках в офисе Oriflame
Посол Швеции в России Петер Эриксон прокомментировал ситуацию с обысками в офисах Oriflame. В пятницу дипломат не смог попасть в офис компании из-за обыска.
«В Oriflame работает больше 1000 человек, вложение инвестиций — больше €150 млн на завод, который здесь в России производит продукцию. Тысячи продавцов работают с Oriflame, миллионы покупателей. Я просто не понимаю, как вообще можно приехать, закрыть здание без обвинения и без объяснения», — цитирует Эриксона РБК.
В столичном офисе Oriflame в пятницу, 22 апреля, прошли обыски. Следственные мероприятия проводились в головном офисе у метро «Спортивная» и в логистическом центре в Подмосковье.
Директор по корпоративным вопросам в России и СНГ Сергей Большаков рассказал, что сегодня у компании был 20-летний юбилей, однако праздник не состоялся. Он также заверил, что не владеет информацией относительно причины обысков. По его словам, правоохранители свои действия никак не объяснили.
Между тем правоохранители сообщили, что шведская фирма может быть замешена в налоговых махинациях.

Источник - https://www.ridus.ru/news/219156.html
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Так ли законно работают распространители в МЛМ-компаниях [15 Apr 2016|03:49pm]

Оригинал взят у oriflamiy в Так ли законно работают распространители в МЛМ-компаниях
Тут многие пишут, что распространители МЛМ-компаний работают законно, все платят все соблюдают. А давайте рассмотрим несколько российских законов.
Есть Федеральный закон от 22 мая 2003г. №54-ФЗ "О применении контрольно-кассовой техники при осуществлении денежных расчетов и (или) расчетов с использованием платежных карт.
"Таким образом, организации и индивидуальные предприниматели, перешедшие на уплату единого налогола на вмененный доход для отдельных видов деятельности, при осуществлении ими наличных денежных расчетов и (или) расчетов с использвоанием платежных карт (при продаже товаров, работ, услуг) обязаны применять контрольно-кассовую технику"
Т.е. продавец ОБЯЗАН выдавать кассовый чек, либо, при невозможности таковой выдать, должен выдаваться чек являющийся бланком строгой отчетности (товарный чек к таким бланкоам не отностися).
В России продажа за наличный расчет без применения ККТ или бланков строгой отчетности - это налоговое преступление.

Ну, как расспротстранители, которые здесь комментят покажите фото своих ККТ?
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[09 Jul 2008|09:14am]

Hello Everyone,
I have been on the herbalife products for 12 years. I am currently 18 years old, and I am just starting to work part-time with Herbalife. My parents have been doing this since I was 6 years old, and I have experienced so much from Herbalife, including the carnival cruise trip, various extravaganzas in Thailand, New Orleans, Philadelphia and Taiwan. The opportunities that Herbalife have given to my parents are amazing! They have lost weight, and work at home. This is my mom's before and after picture! Before Herbalife she had Lupus, a chronic autoimmune disease, and after taking the products she is now in remission.

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[07 Jan 2008|11:44am]
 I started Herbalife in 2007 and am ready to get serious about it in 2008! I'm 19 so i'm with the Generation H group. I was wondering if anyone has any tips out there on how to promote Herbalife in your community. I currently am a part-time colleege student and would just like to get Herbalife up and running for me (selling wise).

Thanks in advance!
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[08 Jun 2006|09:36am]

I have a few questions about herbalife. I just started a week ago and I feel that I have not lost or gained pounds but have stayed at the same time. Is this normal? I have been doing the ultimate shapeworks and doing what is required of me but I haven't seen any results. It is frustrating me. How long does it take to begin seeing results? Do you see it within a month? A week? Two?
I realize that it is different for everybody but I am still a little frustrated. Other than that, I do feel great and I love the extra energy that I feel!
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Herbalife [22 May 2006|09:32pm]

I'm looking for a consultant/distributor. Please contact me asap.
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Does anyone else feel like they were decieved? [30 Mar 2006|03:51pm]

I've noticed this community isn't very active, but it is my hope that some people still read it.

I started Herbalife as a home business a couple months ago. And I feel like I have been decieved and ripped off. I was told by my mentor that I would only ever need to invest $299.00 for the start up and would never ever have to pay anything else. She said this with my mother on the line, so she is a witness to this being said. I was told by my mentor that I would be making atleast $500 a month!

When I asked her questions about how things work and when I would be able to start making money she would cut me off and say "I'm late for another call" and hang up. Later, when I was reading the scripts for recruiting new members I saw where it says in the script NOT to answer questions like that and to tell them you are late for another call and get off the phone right away. That made me angry. If the company feels like being honest with people about how it really works and when they will make money will make them not interested in starting with the buisiness then they need to adjust the way they do business.

I was never told I would need money for a website, or to access the PCI training site, or that I would need long distance and three way calling OR that I would need to travel. None of this was mentioned to me at all until AFTER I sent her money to get started.

After 3 months in the company I have not even made $200 and I'm about ready to say fuck it and I have talked with my sister in law who said I should start a lawsuit to get the money I invested into it back since I was fed a bunch of lies and bullshit.

Yeah, the products work and are ok, but the liftoff doesn't do anything for anyone I've given it to but leave a bad taste in their mouths, and the protien bars taste like shit. I am poor and a mother of 3 small children all under the age of 3. I can barely afford to pay rent every month and every time I turn around my mentor is telling me I can't continue with my training until I spend $450 on product orders and have products on my shelf, or spend $1,000 to become a supervisor, OR until I can travel to get myself to a training seminar (there aren't any in Indiana). When I tell her I don't have the gas money (which I don't) to drive for 3-4 hours to get to Chicago and I don't have anyone to watch my kids all day when I'm gone (my husband is useless, and I'm over 1000 miles away from all my friends & family) she tells me that all she's hearing is excuses and I need to find a way to get there. Fuck her. She has no idea what it's like to be dirt poor. I'm trying to find a way to MAKE money, not be losing it and I feel like I'm spending and spending and spending money that I just don't have.

I am furious!
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Hello [20 Feb 2006|05:45pm]

Hey everyone!

I've been doing Herbalife for about 2 months now and I've not lost that much weight....probably because I haven't been following a strict diet. I've decided that I could afford to lose some weight so from now on, I want to follow the Herbalife diet strictly. As of now, I'm taking Activated Fiber and Total Control. On top of that, I'm also drinking the nutritional shakes. I wanted to know what you all have taken to see the best results and how many meals a day you replaced with the shakes.
I think it's so great that all of you have seen results and finding this group has really motivated me :]
I would also like to know when exactly I should take the tablets.. before I eat , after I eat?
Thanks so much for your support!
Happy weight loss!
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[21 Dec 2005|01:14am]

hie, i am new to herbalife. i am in Singapore.

i realized the community is rather deserted already?! =(

anybody interested in gettng herbalife?

if you are interested in a programme, we do follow up locally when you sign on to teh programme.

we also sell just seperate products. anyone interested?!
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[11 Mar 2005|05:19pm]

[ mood | silly ]

I'm getting my tongue pierced again tomorrow, so I've been dosing up on Formula 2, 3 and 5 to boost my immune system so that I heal nicely. Vitamin C and Zinc are particularly useful for healing piercings.

Last time, I just took a generic multivitamin. I'll be very interested to see how quickly I heal this time. Plus, I don't have to struggle to eat food for the first few days - I can just drink shakes!

.... just felt like sharing :P

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Hi there [10 Mar 2005|09:51pm]

Hi, I've just joined this community so i thought i had better introduce myself. I became part of herbalife in January and even though i have been very bad at sticking to the program i can still feel the benefits! This is truly amazing stuff. I really want to make this business work for me and i'm really excited about the prospect.

I'm so glad i found this community. I hope we can all help each other to be successful!
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Kick-off trainings [17 Jan 2005|03:20pm]

I attended the Chicago kick-off training this past weekend... and omigod, was it awesome! I posted about it today in my journal, so if you want to read more, hop on over. I'm not going to expend more longwindedness here, but put it to use in some dials instead! Already have a TP going out on the virtue of that post... life is sweet!

So.... who's going to Extravaganza other than me? ;-)
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[12 Dec 2004|02:55pm]

[ mood | awake ]

hi, well i was browsing around on lj and i decided to look up herbalife since my parents have been distributors for over 4 years. and well this site came up. i think it's great and i salute whoever took the iniciative to start it.

now the purpose of this post. my name is crystal, i'm 18 years old and from chicago. i have already tried the herbalife products and know first hand that THEY DO WORK. back when i was 14 going on 15 i decided it was time for me to lose weight having been overweight all my life. i weighed 178 pounds when i started the program (back then we had green and beige remember) in february. by the end of july i weighed 134 pounds and was so proud of myself. i felt great, i had energy to run 2 miles each day and it was a fabulous time. i finally felt confident putting on nice clothes.

but then, as soon as my sophomore year something in me changed and i no longer cared about anything. it might have been depression, though i'm not 100% sure. well i stopped running, i stopped drinking my shakes and vitamins and i started eating junk food left and right. by christmas i was no longer a size 6 but a 10. then by the next july i was back at 175. the summer of my junior year i enrolled in an intensive ballet and modern dance class that ran for two months in the summer. i was so out of shape and felt embarrassed because everyone in the class was thinner and more flexible. the class met 5 times a week for 5 hours each day. it was very hard and by the end of the first week i wanted to drop out. well i didn't and i continued. but for some reason i was not ready or not willing to give herbalife another try (not because it didn't work, but because i knew i wasn't going to stick to it) well i lost some 5 pounds that summer and i was down to 170.

that was 2 years ago when i was 16. i am now 18 and things have only gotten worse. i weight 220 pounds and am a size 20. i am so self concious about my body and i become out of breath very quickly. it also doesn't help that i work at GAP's largest and famous flagship store on michigan avenue were every employee is beutiful and thin. i have been on herbalife these past two years but it has just been so speratic and on-and-off that i haven't seen the results. well, the moral of this (long) story is that i feel i have reached that point in my life where i need to and want to feel healthy and feel good about the way i look. i am ready to start the program again. though my family fully supports me they don't really understand the way i feel.

i will start the new herbalife program "shapeworks" tomorrow and i will also start working out with the help of my older brother. as i mentioned before i currently weight between 215-225 pounds (size 20), my goal is to weight 150 (size 10) by next christmas. thank you for having this community and wish me luck.

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[06 Dec 2004|11:34pm]

[ mood | working ]

Hey guys.. just a quick tip for any Aussie distributors if you haven't already been told. I picked this up from another distributor.

The December issue of Good Medicine has an article on page 112 by Dr David Heber (author of LA Shape Diet).

I took a bundle of Healthy Living brochures (with my details on the front and back covers) to local newsagents and supermarkets, introduced myself and explained what I do, explained who Dr Heber was, and asked if I could place some brochures inside the Good Medicine magazine.

It's really good free, targeted marketing - everyone who picks up that magazine is already interested in good health, so you're getting your details into the hands of people who WANT to be well. The article talks about protein and where to find it, and the new Healthy Living brochure has a double spread about protein, it's perfect. The brochure is nice and professional-looking, like a mini magazine, so the newsagents and supermarkets were fine with me placing them inside.

Grab a stack and get them out into the magazines ASAP - spread them around a few different places.

- Emma

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[15 Nov 2004|10:15pm]

[ mood | excited and overwhelmed ]

Cairns was AMAZING. Or as Mark would have said, un-bee-lee-va-BUL. :P

John and Leslie are fantastic! I had such an amazing time. It was so inspiring, especially hearing from all the Pres team members, and how they got started. Most were broke, had small kids, no education... it's just amazing. I took pages and pages of notes, but everything from the Pres team and Chairman's club members was SO grass roots, so simple!

I got so fired up and confident that I pitched to the taxi driver on the way home *grin*

I could waffle on for ages about it.. but the biggest things that I got out of it were:

- The end result is more important and valuable than temporary discomfort.
- Turn every conversation into a Herbalife conversation. Look for opportunities everywhere.
- Use, Wear, Talk. Go back to basics!
- Learn to employ yourself. If you were working for someone, would you have been fired today?
- Massive action = massive results.
- Do whatever it takes, do it NOW, and NEVER, EVER QUIT.

For the Aussies - we'll have to meet up at the Luna Park event in February, and then it's on to Atlanta.

My goal is World Team by Atlanta!


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First post [14 Nov 2004|01:30pm]

Well, isn't this a treat!

My name is Sylvia, and I live in Minnesota. I've been using Herbalife for six weeks, and have lost sixteen pounds. What prompted me to start on the program? Turning fifty. Call it a life crisis of sorts - I have been matronly in appearance, to put it gently, for years, and I know that, if I don't do something about it now, this is the way I will be for the rest of my life.

I love the shakes - and experimenting with combinations and flavorings has yielded some very interesting results. I'm lactose intolerant, and so I use soy milk. This has the added benefit of helping with some other more unpleasant aspects of being a fifty year old woman. Heh.

I do have a couple of questions... I've seen that some of you mix your shakes with orange juice. And yet in the ShapeWorks guide, OJ is listed as having a high glycemic index. I'm hedgy about anything that's going to stimulate the insulin response, and am wondering if this is a combination that's been approved by Herbalife, or just a variation that users have come up with themselves. And next question... I recently bought some Cookies & Cream powder off Ebay (sticker shock - I really do need to look into how to get this stuff wholesale), and wound up getting the thermojetics product rather than the Shapeworks. Is this going to make a significant difference, and, if so, in what way?

Looking forward to learning more!
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[08 Nov 2004|12:45pm]

[ mood | confused ]

Hey guys,

Is anyone here (or can someone put me in touch with) a Canadian distributor?

I'm in Oz, but I have a couple of friends in Canada who are interested in Herbalife. The problem is that I don't have any info on the Canadian product range (which is larger than ours), and I am confused about some of the different names used (are they the same products, labelled differently, or another product altogether? etc) Obviously this makes it very difficult to suggest products or discuss them.

Distributor services haven't been much help to me, it seems that there is a robot who answers the emails and will only answer my questions at random (it took me three emails to get the answer to a question). The Herbalife website isn't much help to me either, as the descriptions are too brief, and the order spreadsheet that I have from DS doesn't gel with the pricelist. I'm COMPLETELY confused!!

Can anyone help?


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[28 Oct 2004|07:14am]

Here in Australia there's a new range of Herbal Aloe skin products! Well, they're new to me, some I've seen before.

Aloe contains a high amount of natural salicylic acid, which I know is good for blemishes. Plus aloe has all that natural healing, I should get some of this and give it a try.

Anyone try any of the products? Shampoo, conditioner, body spray, body wash, hand and body lotion, gel, cleansing bar, or hand cream?
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Introduction [25 Oct 2004|05:17am]

[ mood | excited ]

Hello All! I just joined the community and I'm really excited that there is a community to gather tips/tricks and share in. My name is Melissa and I live in Arizona. I signed up to be a distributor about 1 week ago and should get my product today to start on.

I am currently 7 months pregnant (first child) and just quit my job because of the health issues I have been experiencing due to my pregnancy (being sick all 9 months tends to run in my family). I am hoping that A) this product will help my husband and I health-wise and B) it will be a lucrative home based business within a year of working it so I can stay home with my child.

I will try keep everyone here updated on how taking the product works with my pregnancy. That way you can have another selling point if you ever run into a pregnant woman! I look forward to embarking on this business opportunity as well as improving my husband's and my health.

Thanks for listening to me ramble!

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Shakes [15 Sep 2004|12:41pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Hi everyone,

I'm sitting at work having my lunch shake.. it's vanilla Formula 1 in straight orange juice. I love it because it tastes like an orange spyder (float?). My favourite is mango juice, it's just like a mango smoothie. My mum can't STAND it in mango juice, she says it is too sweet - she prefers it just in water (definitely NOT for me).

I also love it mixed into yoghurt (it's just like eating normal yoghurt), and a friend of mine told me that she likes it in skim milk, poured over a small amount of cereal.

Got any other ideas that I can try? I like variety. I could drink it in mango juice every day, but I do like to try new things.

Oh, and I've lost 3.5kgs in 2.5 weeks (I have cheated a couple of times though).

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